Top ways to date a millionaire single

Dating a wealthy or millionaire person is the dream of many people, especially women today. There are so many luxuries that come with all that money and many would give anything just to be able to date a millionaire. Considering that there are even millionaire dating sites today that make it even easier to find a millionaire match, you still want to weigh in everything that comes with dating one. Most people look at the good side of it and remain blind to the ugly side of it. Before even getting into the dating, look at both sides and then get into it more aware and ready for the possible outcomes.

Things To Consider

1. Financial security is the very first advantage and one that attracts many single into dating a millionaire. When you are with a millionaire, you do not have to worry about finances because you most probably will have anything you want and you can live a lavish life free from money issues.

2. Dating a millionaire exposes you to a high profile social network. You will get to mingle with who is who in the society. It becomes very easy for you to be referred to professionals who can mentor you in doing what you want to do. It is something that can help you improve your business or career.

3. You will get educational advancement. Truth be told, most millionaires are very well educated and they will want you to match their standards. When you date a millionaire therefore, your chances of getting educationally advanced are increased and this means becoming a better and more successful person.

4. You can have it all when you are dating a millionaire. From those luxurious holidays to driving the latest cars and getting the best health care, you can enjoy it all when you are with a millionaire.

The cons

1. Millionaires engage in very risky behaviors because they do not live by any rules, especially when it comes to who they relate to. They have reputations in risky business ventures and unprotected sex and this puts you at risk in terms of health and addictions.

2. Very few millionaires are faithful. In fact, many of them have a long list of boyfriends and girlfriends and you would have to put up with this fact when you decide to date one. Most are unfaithful and end up treating you like a property.

3. Millionaires do not have any intentions of settling down with you. At the end of the day you remain a trophy to them because back at home, they have their families waiting for them. If you want to settle down, then you are better off looking for a single with the same interests as you.

4. They are workaholics which mean they will have limited time to spend with you. Yes, they might drag you to those high profile events but they will rarely be there when you simply need them around you. You just have to get used to the absence.


Tips for dating rich millionaire men.

1 - Don't Scare Them Off

At no point can he get the impression that you are after his money. You can be impressed with his house etc but don't start rearranging his stuff the moment you walk in. Don't start acting like the lady of the house. Not yet anyway.

2 - Act as if him being rich makes you suspicious

Say something like "I see you're rich, but I'll try not to hold it against you". Ask him what else he has going for him, other that being filthy rich - it will get him to try and compare himself with you on a more equal footing. If he buys you an expensive gift early in the relationship, you can jokingly ask if he's trying to "buy you". But don't overdo it since you could drive him off or he might think you're a communist:)

3 - Dress sexy but with style

You want to look sexy and attractive but still classy. You can either have cleavage or a miniskirt but not both, idea is to look like a girlfriend, not like a one night stand. If you have expensive jewelry leave it home - you don't want to look like a high-maintenance woman. You won't have to follow latest fashion, just accentuate your body's best features because men never know what's in but they will immediately notice what looks good on you.

4 - If possible, be thin, blond and fit

Blondes are at a premium, so are good looks. Get your body in top shape, if you need to invest in liposuction, breast implants or teeth whitening do it as soon as possible. You need to be the beautiful attractive girl, the sexy arm candy he can show off to his friends. High heels help too.