Dating for a long time is hard enough in a normal relationship and can come with great lengths of sacrifice and pressure. Dating someone who has power, money and a status to keep up with? It can become challenging especially if you are not of the same living class. Its hard to find a millionaire chilling at the lobby waiting for someone to talk to and if so, know the do and the don’t for you to stand out of the rest.


Be nice, agreeable, pleasurable, considerate, pleasing, like-able, satisfying, humored, good-natured and friendly. Leave a positive first impression


Most people wear plastic on their face while seeking millionaires so as to try to impress. This is not necessary. Be you, be as real as you can get. These does not mean you start pouring out all your life problems since he might have a key to unlock most. Rather it means keep that natural smile, embrace your ideology, be jovial, and don’t be shaken. He is just a man like any other who has been blessed with the luxuries of life so just be you.


When it comes to Millionaire Match, don’t overstep your game. You can imagine how many ladies or even guys who have tried to get into these guys pants. He has seen it all, heard it all and he will quickly identify with your intentions for him. As soon as he sees you’re there for the money, he will definitely moves on. Millionaires seek true genuine love. Someone they can love for who they truly are and love them back for who they truly are.


Things will not come your way just after the first kiss. Money won’t pour just after the first sleep over. Be cool things will fall in place with time. You will be subjected to living his lifestyle and these might mean crazy programs, menus, activities that you are not used to. Be patient and if you require something from him like “a different menu” just ask humbly and be patient trying to fit in his lifestyle as you maintain his flaws.


Millionaires like people with sense of responsibility and who can look after them. They are used to doing a whole lot of nothing. Just giving order by mouth. Make his home your kingdom that he will do what he does best by just sitting back and relaxing as you fix him with whatever delicacy or drink he may want. What about breakfast in bed? Put up working systems in his house if none or not working, make his life at home the best and easiest.


Rich people are very specific to little details. These makes them easy to learn and understand. Take note of what they like and don’t; their hobbies, TV shows or programs they like, places they like to hang out and people they like. These will help you understand them more quickly


Most people after landing to their world of honey tend to change and become someone else. Remain real. You are the one he liked. Be authentic you don’t have to copy what other rich millionaires wives do. He liked you not them or what you will change to be. Maintain a self-sense.


I know as soon as you sit next to him and the vibe is on at the back of your head there is an endless list of things to buy when the fruit ripens. Let’s say you want an expensive car, but he buys you a necklace, be appreciative of the time and commitment he is giving you rather than frowning about not getting your to-do list done with.